It’s not Magic



If you are seeking a business coach you’ve probably been to many web sites of various business coaches who claim to have the 7 steps or the 9 secrets to achieving massive results in your business. You’ve probably formed the impression that it all happens by magic, that some business guru will share their business strategy “secrets” with you, sprinkle some fairy dust around your premises, and suddenly your bank account will be overflowing.

Well, we’d like to confirm what you probably already suspect.

Business coaching is not some magic get rich quick scheme. There is no secret knowledge accessible to only a group of special people via a secret handshake. You will not enter a business “twilight” zone.

The real world does not work that way.

We will let you know that there are straightforward, down-to-earth strategies that can be applied to the benefit of any business. They are not secret. In fact a few minutes work with google will turn up more business improvement strategies than most business owners can handle. And here is the problem. Not a problem of too little information but a problem of too much!

So… how do you work out which strategies should be applied?

How will you know they will work in your business?

How will you know how to apply them correctly?

Most business owners then make one of three choices:

Choice 1

Do nothing because it’s all too hard and too confusing. Well, we all know where that leads. Whoever said: “Keep doing the same thing and you’ll get the same result” was an optimist. In the jungle the slowest gazelles get eaten. In business, if we’re not improving we’ll get outpaced by our faster rivals.

Choice 2

Find out what works by trial and error. That can be expensive, even disastrous. If you haven’t ever lost thousands of dollars on a marketing strategy that didn’t work you’ll certainly know someone who has. Do that too often and your business can end up financially stressed. And it’s not only marketing that can be costly. It’s recruiting the wrong person, losing a critical sale, failing to spot a cash flow drain…

Choice 3

Work with an experienced business advisor who has done it all before. Someone who can work with you to determine the critical issues for your business. Who knows what strategies to apply. And, most importantly, can show you how to apply them in your business for maximum effect. And does it based real world knowledge and experience.

And that’s where Business Clarity comes in. Founded by recognised tribal elders from the business coaching community, each of our business advisors has professional, tertiary level qualifications and decades of practical business experience. (We don’t call ourselves the grey hairs / no hair for nothing…)

Our advisors have the unique advantage of having applied the theory of business to the realities of both small and medium business. They know what works and what doesn’t.

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